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Let us go on a journey, 

My path to developing Bloom Skin Revival has been a few years in the making. It is an accumulation of my life's work experiences, all aligning to create a company to help clients' revive the beauty that lives within us all. 

Earlier in my career I worked in the medical field as a certified nurses assistant, caring for individuals in residential settings, to assisted living facilities, and doctor's offices. Being a nurses assistant puts you in the front lines of care. You are not only providing a set of skills to the patient to help enhance their life but you are giving kindness and compassion when a patient is in need. I loved my time as a C.N.A. but always felt there was something missing, my creative/artistic side was left unfulfilled. I embarked on a new journey to Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School. At Paul Mitchell I was able to explore hair design and color, barbering, esthetic services and through these artist services I could set my creativity free. Once completing my cosmetology certification I found myself at the same juncture, a little imbalanced, and questioning ... Where do I go from here? How do I marry the best parts of me and offer that to the world? What does that look like?


This led me to the creative hub know as Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery! It was here where I found my mentor, Halo Grey (creative genius),  Halo is the Owner of Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery and a Tattoo Artist. He offered me a front desk position at his studio and later I became assistant manager. While working there I noticed a need with clients, the need for their outer beauty to be representative of what lies within. This opened the door to offering Tatt2away, a tattoo removal service. Working with the tattoo artists on offering partial tattoo removals so they could move forward with clients to design stunning cover-up pieces. I then started researching how to take care of the skin with the use of only all natural organic ingredients. When receiving these services the skin has the best chance of healing while not compromising the tattoo artist work. I developed Bloom Skin Revival Salve and Hush Skin Calming Salve, both can be used by the artist while tattooing and by the client to heal their tattoo investment.

My work doesn't stop here this is just the beginning! I'm working on offering Scalp Micropigmentation services for client's who suffer from receding hairlines and balding. As well as undergoing training for Areola Restorative Tattooing for client's who have lost the areola and nipple to medical related procedures and/or breast reconstructions. 

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Located within

BLack Lotus Tattoo Gallery

7466 New Ridge Road
Suite 22
Hanover, MD. 21076

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